Rental Covenant Amendment

Proposed Amendments to the Declaration of Covenants, Easements, Conditions, and Restrictions for Hazel Dell Woods
Article VIII, Section I (Owner-Occupancy)

At this time the board has decided to postpone the rental agreement amendment that was proposed earlier this year. We hope to pursue the amendment later in the year and plan to have everything in place so a final vote can be made at next year's annual HOA meeting. Our only objective is to keep the corporate rental properties out of our neighborhood. In the meantime, questions or concerns can be addressed by contacting Danielle Frederick [email protected] at Kirkpatrick Management or emailing the HOA board at [email protected].

FAQ’s :
Q: What is the Amendment?
A: It would allow title holding residences who have owned their home for 5 years or more to lease/rent their
entire home. The lease must be for a period of at least one year; owner must provide a copy of the Declaration
to the renter, and inform renter that failure to comply with covenants and restrictions is a default under the
lease. Owner must provide Association with a copy of the lease (amounts omitted) within 30 days of signing
the lease. The full text of the proposed amendment can be found at

Q: How many rentals do we currently have in the neighborhood?
A: To our knowledge there are 11 rented homes.

Q: Why is this a concern?
A: To maintain the standard of congenial and residential character of Hazel Dell Woods, for the protection and
maintenance of property values by encouraging the maintenance, improvement and updating of the lots within
our neighborhood community and in an effort to limit investment purchasers, institutional buyers from buying
properties within Hazel Dell Woods subdivision solely for the purpose of leasing or renting properties in our

Q: What will this cost me?
A: There is no additional cost to you.

Q: What do I have to do?
A: Review the proposed covenant amendment carefully-which is on our website: ;
then come to the Annual Meeting for questions, and reviewal, along with casting your vote. The Annual
Meeting will be on Tues. Jan. 16th 6:30pm at the Cafeteria of Noble Crossing Elementary School. If you cannot attend the meeting, please cast your vote on the Limited Proxy form which can completed online by visiting entering your email address and then clicking the link in the email that is sent to you. The paper form was sent previously via USPS and is also available on the
website: Return the completed paper form via: mail, give to a homeowner who is attending the annual meeting or email the completed form to [email protected]

Q: Can I rent my house?
A: A homeowner holding a deeded title to the home for 5 years or more may rent their entire home, by
following the covenants and restrictions in the Declaration. Rental restrictions are not effective for anyone owning a home prior to the amendment becoming effective.

Q: What happens to the current rentals?
A: Nothing changes - they stay the same (grandfathered in)

Q: What happens to homeowners prior to this amendment being effective?
A: No restrictions - this only applies when a home is sold in the future.

Q: What is the process to pass this amendment?
A: At the annual meeting, we will be reviewing and voting on this proposed covenant amendment. Per the
Association’s Covenants, we must get 75%, or approximately 132 homes, to approve this amendment in order
for it to pass. Therefore, it is crucial that all homeowners participate by attending the meeting or voting via the
proxy form which can be completed online by visiting entering your email and clicking the link in the message that is sent to you.

Q: Will someone be available at the Annual Meeting to answer questions?
A: Yes, the HOA's attorney will be in attendance to provide details.

Q: Who to contact with other questions?
A: Danielle Frederick - Kirkpatrick Management Company 317-558- 5348

Q: When is this effective?
A: The amendment document would need to contain the 75% of all owners in the Hazel Dell Woods
subdivisions-signatures voting in favor of the amendment and would need to be recorded with the Hamilton
County Recorder before the amendments would become effective.